About U13 & U11

American football in growing extremely fast in Helsingborg.  As one of the fastest growing youth sports in the city, we provide a great place for boys and girls aged 9-13 to participate in the worlds most fun sport.  Whether you are big or small, fast or not, athletic or new to sport we are the place for you.  This is absolutely the most inclusive sport in the world.  No matter what level of athleticism you are we’re here for you.  

The Helsingborg Jaguars American football club provides a safe place for children to stay active, make friends, learn new skills, but most importantly – have fun. If you are 9 years old or greater, you are most welcome to join.

Our U13 program participates in the Skåne region of American football in Sweden, with Södra Sverige Amerikansk Football Federation (SSAFF).  SSAFF creates 8-10 jamboree events throughout the course of the year.  Most of the events take place in the spring April – June.  We have a small summer pause, and then begin again in the fall August – October.  There are some smaller events that take place in the winter, indoors.

The club practices, and teaches, the most updated and advanced techniques to keep our players safety, while promoting: leadership, collaboration, cooperation, health, fitness, nutrition, and football skills.  

Equipment can be loaned through our club or purchased from one of our sponsors.  So there is no worry, if you want to loan the equipment while you try the sport.

Practices are held at Norrvalla IP at Rundgången 15 in Helsingborg.