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Athletic Director / President - Greg Gibson

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Athletic Director Greg Gibson come to us from Boston, in the United States. Greg begins with us having a background in education and administration. As an undergraduate student at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Connecticut, Greg studied and received a B. Ed. in secondary education. After undergraduate work Greg pursued a degree in Athletic Administration from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.

“Having a degree in athletic administration has really prepared me for this new role as athletic director and president. It has prepared me to handle the business, media, and athletic components of the day to day operations of a sports organisation.”

We are confident he can help lead us to the next phase of our progression and beyond.

In addition to working on the board Greg will be the head coach of the senior and under 19 programs. He will lead the first Helsingborg senior team since 2016.

Assistant Athletic Director / Vice President - Nasim Shaverdian

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Nasim has played under coach Gibson for a long time. Nasim has proven himself as a reliable player on the field and will be taking on the role of Vice President for the year 2021. Nasim has the backing of the entire club and his creativity will put us on a new level.

Sports Information Director / Treasurer - Matt Simion

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Matt is another american influence we have in the club which helps us out tremendously. Matt and Greg have worked together for a while now and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.

Recruiting Director / Secretary - Alpha Jalloh

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Our newest addition to the team. Alpha will be working on the board in addition to playing and coaching. Alpha immediately started working after joining and his fast pace has inspired the rest of the club.

Board Member - Andree Persson

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Direct emails to Andree by writing “To Andree: <subject> ” as the Subject.

Andree has been with Jaguars longer than most. He has been through thick and thin with the club and always devoted himself. Throughout the years he has played, coached and been on the board. 2021 is no different, Andree will stay on the board and his experience will help out our new members.

Board Member - Emrah Hatic

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Direct emails to Emrah by writing “To Emrah: <subject>” as the Subject.

Emrah will be joining the board in 2021. In addition to his duties on the board he will also be playing in the Senior-team.