Registration 2 DAYS Northman Camp 2022.


Registration for Northman Camp 2022.
Please read the description in its entirety.

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Half-Camp Registration

Registration for Northman Camp 2022.
Order this virtual item to register your spot for Northman Camp 2022 along with a Northman-themed practice jersey.

If you have not received a confirmation after 24 hours, please contact and supply your order number.

2 Days Camp: As we wish to make this camp more available for international players and players coming from far away we also offer the possibility to only participate for two days of camp. You will be able to participate on Saturday and Sunday, not Thursday and Friday.

PAYMENTS: Place your order and Swish the following number: 123-4410692. Please make sure to include your order number in the Swish message in order to make it possible for us to complete your registration. Keep the billing information the same as the person that is doing the payment. Instructions will accompany the order verification that will be sent to your email.

Even though the product says that there is a cost, it will allow you to place the order without paying on the website. Note that your spot IS NOT registered until payment comes through. For international players, place your order and then contact with your order number and we’ll supply a payment method.

Order Information: Fill out the participant’s information on the product page. If the participant is under the age of 18, please include a phone number where we can reach a guardian in case of an emergency. Also, select the participant’s position and their requested jersey size for the Northman-Jersey.

Billing: On the Billing page, fill out the information of the person making the payment. Feel free to add any extra notes on this page by using the text field at the bottom, for example; any pre-existing injuries, medical information (e.g., asthma, allergies, e.t.c.) if you think that the information is of value.

Cancellation / Refund: If you wish to cancel your registration, please contact and send the request along with your order number. Cancellations made 60 days before camp starts are eligible for a 75% refund. Cancellations made under 60 days before the camp starts will not be refunded but might be eligible for a voucher or discount for next year’s camp if appropriate reasoning can be supplied.

“Stock”: We use “stock” as a measure of the available number of positions left. The camp is limited this way since we want to avoid overloading a coach with too many players of a specific position. This means that spots for a specific position can run out. Don’t wait too long before registering. Note: Our 2-Day Camp has fewer spots available at the start. This can change depending on demand.

Terms & Conditions: The sale of this virtual item entitles the designated “Player” to participate in Northman Camp 2022 hosted by the Helsingborg Jaguars. Our goal is to have experienced American coaches there to coach European players. These coaches might have duties that hinder them from participating. In the event that an advertised coach is unable to join the camp is no reason for a refund. This registration is not transferrable between people. We might be unable to offer a jersey in the specific size that is requested, if that its the case we will try to reach out early and find a replacement size. We reserve ourselves for any mistakes in promotional material that does not accurately reflect Northman Camp. By placing an order you denote that you have read this product description in its entirety and accept the conditions laid out in this description.

Clarifications or Questions: Don’t hesitate to message us at for any questions or clarifications about this description.


Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Running back, Offensive Line, Defensive Back, Linebacker, Defensive Line, Specialist

Jersey Size

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