US High School Development Program

Now that you are reaching an age where you can make a decision about your future, we are able to offer you a spot in a unique program called the US High School Development Program (USHSDP). Distinctive and distinguished, you have worked tireless to separate yourself exhibiting excellence in both football and academics and placing yourself in the top 1% of your competition across the country. Much like you, our high school development program, is unique in its unparalleled mix of athletics and academics. This program is of ONE, without any peer.

The USHSDP blends many of the skills needed to be able to compete abroad. Your focus will include a detailed strength training program, a detailed speed mechanical and agility program, as well as train your conditioning both physically and mentally. During the 16-week, phased, program you fine-tune your football skills, academic skills, size, speed and strength. We track all data and submit scores to coaches all across the US.

In the program you have an initial assessment is strength, speed, mobility, and skill technique video. All speed tests are conducted using laser timing technology. This will provide accurate, and verifiable times. This will also help you open doors at both the high school and university level in the United States.

With an extensive working network of high school and college coaches, you will get the opportunity to get exposure. We are directly working with a high US high schools, and prep-schools to help place you with the best available opportunity. If you plan to finish high school in your current country of residence, we can also help your placement with a number of NCAA schools. We help facilitate this process through connections, counseling, and administration. But, the USHSDP is not for everyone.

Program admission is based on selection, and is not for every player. This means you will have to prove your level of commitment through training, on the field efforts, positive social behavior, leadership, and classroom progression. Missed sessions, poor academic progress, poor social habits, and a selfish attitude will result in failure to complete the program. Make no mistake, this is a difficult program, but our goal is not only for you to get an opportunity, it’s for you to be successful at the next level.

Interested applicants should submit their inquires through form at the bottom of this page. After you submit the interest form the admissions process will begin. Sessions run in 16-week increments. Admission is available every 8 weeks.

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Updated August 24th 2021: USHSDP is currently on hold. Keep yourself updated by following our social media accounts and visiting this site.