Player of the Week: 5

Nästa spelare vill vi inte ödsla tid på att presentera, för att han gör det så bra själv. Här nedan får ni läsa lite om Pete!

Hello, I’m Kjell Peter Olsson but you may call me “Pete”, I am a 17-year-old Offensive Lineman, living in Ekeby and studying Economics in Helsingborg.

I started playing football last year (2020) and have been in love with the sport ever since. The sport accepted me with open arms and has helped me embrace a larger sense of competition and companionship within a team. I’ve always been bulky and large so as a kid, sports were a struggle. I tried soccer, martial arts, and even swimming but because of my larger frame, I was instantly either benched or overlooked when it came to skill. But here in American football, I was finally built for the sport, and I finally felt the sense of belonging and comfort in myself. Not only this but a lot could also be contributed to the amazing roster and staff connected to the Helsingborg Jaguars organization.

The sport has over the last year been implanted and integrated with my everyday life which I am very thankful for, I have gotten so much more self-structured since joining and the sport has given me a way to use my abnormal frame to my advantage. Practicing the way we do has helped me gain perspective on others and their lives, the sport has very easily been one of the more life-changing things I have ever been a part of. Being able to go around the country and compete was and is an amazing experience that only comes from belonging and loving a sport.

On a usual day, I start off at about 5:30 with a shot of apple cider vinegar, a few spoon fulls of lemon and ginger juice, and an ice-cold glass of water to shock the system, and get awake. I follow a 6-meal meal plan given by my Offensive Lineman coach Matt Simion. What follows during the day is usually getting on the bus down to the school where I spend the next 4-5 hours trying my best to stay on top of everything also fitting in some film during my dead time. Then I hit a gym session before team practice, after which, I  grab a bus back home and get a good 7 hours of sleep, allowing for mental and physical recovery and repeat the next day.      

Moments in my year of Football, have been filled with both true happiness, but also some heartbreak, having just finished a game against Carlstad, I was quickly checked and released at a hospital with a minor injury and joined the team at the restaurant where we all spoke about the game and the injuries but the sense and feeling of everyone picking themselves up, making sure that no one left with regrets. This feeling has kept me grounded and made sure I remember that a team isn’t just guys trying to win, it’s like a family.

Being a year into the sport I could confidently say that most of my teammates have more experience than me, but this doesn’t restrict their judgment or thoughts surrounding me and my position on the team. It’s gladdening to know that my teammates around me believe in me and make sure that I stay healthy and am making sure I deliver to the potential of what is expected of me and more.  

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