The first draft of the schedules for the 2021 spring season is now out! They are preliminary and the exact dates and times have not yet been decided.

Both U17 and Senior start during week 17. This leaves the team just over 3 months of preparation as of writing this post. You can view both schedules by visiting the team-pages using the drop-down menu under “Teams & Staff” or by visiting our Instagram page (@helsingborgjaguars) and checking out this post.

New for the 2021-season is that the U17 South Division is divided into two, South 1 and South 2. We are a part of South 2 together with Göteborg Marvels, Kristianstad Predators, and Limhamn Griffins. In South 1 we find Carlstad Crusaders, Norrköping Panthers, and Örebro Black Knights. We will play two games against each team in South 2 and one game against each team in South 1.

We are excited for the new season and can’t wait to experience it with you all. Hope to see you at Norrvalla for the return of a Helsingborg Jaguars-senior team and our first home game in week 17!


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